Welcome to CLICK 2020

For a decade CLICK festival has embraced and explored the field of contemporary art, science, and technology. Devoting ourselves to the movements of groundbreaking culture and art through workshops, exhibitions, lectures, performances, and concerts.

In the future CLICK will still be on the move, continuously establishing itself as an inclusive platform of contemporary art and thinking.

Please stay curious on future CLICK transformations.

CLICK Soundings

Click Soundings are devoted to contemporary art and music. The old Industrial Halls present itself as an ambient atmospheric soundscape, expanding the experience by incorporating performances and art installations.

Launching August 2020.

CLICK Artificial Intelligence

Approaching topics of Artificial Intelligence through playful conversations and combinations of performative strategies, highlighted by a world premiere performance, we are in search of answers on how artificial intelligence (AI) are impacting human life- and how the incorporation of art influences the research of artificial intelligence.

Launching January 2021.