CLICK Festival is an annual festival for contemporary art embracing and exploring the field between art, science and technology.

Through concerts, exhibitions, talks, workshops and performances CLICK introduces the whys, the whats and the wows of tomorrow.

Now. The festival takes place each year in May where curious and creative minds from around the globe flock to Elsinore outside Copenhagen. Hosted in an old, abandoned shipyard, the intimate festival presents the latest in art, sci-tech, music and performance.

The program features a vanguard of artists, musicians and performers as well as hosting talks and workshops by creative industry movers and shakers.

Each year the festival presents a theme processing human identity in a contemporary (and future) where technology and biology constantly expand and challenge the opportunities and limits of being human.

The festival is situated in one of the Nordic epic centres of culture with old shipyard halls, modern culture centres and Hamlets old castle. There are numerous reasons to attend this authentic festival.