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Amnesia Scanner (FI/DE)

Consisting of two Finns – Martti Kalliala and Ville Haimala – and loosely affiliated with Berlin’s Janus collective, Amnesia Scanner create supernatural electronic landscapes: demonic shouts, blaring sirens, unmoored cyborg sounds. Often culled from real life, they are at once totally familiar and unsettlingly strange.

The experimental duo first landed as Amnesia Scanner in 2014 with tracks uploaded to SoundCloud, followed with the six-track AS released through Young Turks in March 2016. What the shy Finns lack in presence they make up for with hyper-glossy YouTube videos and stunning, cinematographically soundscaped live shows.

Mystery has only served to accelerate the duo’s celebrity and we are very excited about presenting the artistic vision of Amnesia Scanner at Click Festival 2018.

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