Moor Mother

SØS Gunver Ryberg (DK)

Wielding an arsenal of vigorous industrial rhythms, raw techno and expressive sound art, Danish artist and composer SØS Gunver Ryberg performs with an endless energy that challenges your state of consciousness.

Her live sets are a terrifying sonic barrage of frenetic drum machines, murky drones, and walls of chaotic overdrive that aim to induce a transformative experience. SØS Gunver Ryberg’s work embodies her rich production history. Stemming from performance art, her ‘site specific’ performances, whether in the form of a sound installation, computer game soundtrack, audio walk, live club set or even debut release ‘AFTRYK’ on Contort Records, all explore the potential of acoustic space.

SØS Gunver Ryberg’s music – comprising two albums and a split EP with Aisha Devi, Rrose and Paula Temple since 2014 – is closer to sound art than to pure techno. A barrage of ferocious sounds, an avalanche of epic rhythms, as merciless as a winter in Copenhagen: welcome to the modular world of SØS Gunver Ryberg.

Danish Composers’ Society’s prize 2011
The Danish Art Agency/Statens Kunstfond 2011
The Danish Art Agency/Statens Kunstfond – Music to Inside 2016
Game Developers Choice Awards 2016 – Audio to Inside
SPILPRISEN – Best Sound Design Inside 2017.

Photo credit: Flemming Bo Jensen and Emil Hornstrup Jakobsen