Artist: Circuit Circus (DK)

Semeion is an ever-evolving light and sound installation exploring artificial intelligence from an aesthetic and humanistic point of view. While AI is already an integrated part of our lives, it often exists as intangible systems working behind screens.

In Semeion, the AI manifests itself in several large minimalist structures, that individually and collectively respond to human presence. In its abstract form it evokes the human relation through its behavior. The viewer is invited to suspend their predispositions about AI, and engage with it in an explorative, curious way.

Circuit Circus is a Danish design and art studio, they create interactive experiences, spaces and artifacts, focusing on novel and interesting encounters with technology.

Circuit Circus 

Jesper Hyldahl Fogh
Victor Bayer Permild
Nina Cecilie Højholdt
Christian Sivertsen
Thomas Sandahl Christensen