Moor Mother


The Culture Yard (DK)

3D performing arts for the whole family

One of the world's greatest authors of fairy tales, H.C. Andersen, and one of Denmark's most revered scientists - the man who discovered electro-magnetism - H.C. Ørsted, were good friends and inspired and challenged each other back in Copenhagen's golden ages.

This friendship is the basis for the performance HC2, which is produced by The Culture Yard, and will be shown throughout summer 2018 at The Culture Yard’s holographic stage, The 4D Box. In a 3D universe, the two living characters of Ørsted and Andersen are physically represented by actors, where wild imagination and the scientific world's particle structures collide in a giant visual clash. Will the artist and the scientist be able to build a bridge between the system and real life, or are they doomed to remain separated with their own perception of reality?

Photo credit: PR