Warm up for this year’s festival with three podcasts from 2018 diving into the art, music and theme of CLICK Festival 2018.

The podcast series is produced in a collaboration between CLICK Festival and The Lake Radio and with support by Danish Arts Council. Each of the three podcasts lasts about 20-30 minutes - just enough time to listen on the go. Enjoy...

#1 THE THEME - The Lake X CLICK Festival 2018
This first podcast takes you through this year's theme XENO. Meet the festival's management and artists and get different perspectives on how the festival perspectivate otherness, alienation and Xeno.

#3 THE MUSIC - The Lake X CLICK Festival 2018
In this last podcast you will get introduced to some of the music acts and meet the people behind the bookings.

#2 THE ART -  The Lake X CLICK Festival 2018   
Through interviews with curators and artists will in this second podcast make acquaintance with some of pieces and acts at CLICK Festival 2018