(2019) death worlds

The ninth edition of Click Festival sets out to explore the notion of necropolitics; the politics of death. A term coined by the celebrated philosopher and post-colonial theorist Achille Mbembe.

In short necro-politics is the use of social and political power to dictate who may live and who must die.

It accounts for the various ways in which cultures use different types of force and influence to ensure the normalization of the ideas they subscribe to. In relation to this, death can take on the form of control over biological existence, or of social death.

Control over biological existence is exercised through dominant and violent strategies like war, terror, genocide or slavery. Social death and exclusion are exercised via colonization, border-control, economic sanctions or prejudice attitudes towards race, religion and sexuality. These forms of systematic established power structures constitute the idea of everyday death-worlds in which vast populations are othered and transformed in to “the living dead”.

On another note necropolitics can also be discussed in relation to our treatment of the environment, and life which is different from ourselves, from the microbiological to animal life.

Throughout Click Festival 2019 the notion of necropolitics will be explored through the work of artists and performers as well as scholars, philosophers and specialists addressing the death- worlds within topics of the post-colonial, social, and environmental issues, as well as in relation to the development of new technologies and a certain focus on AI.

These topics will be explored through installation, performance, hybrid art, poetry, music, film and lectures.

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