Moor Mother

You Are Now Here


Maps are everywhere around us, ever present to help us navigate both public and personal geographies, or orient ourselves in communal and universal landscapes. But all maps come with an agenda - as much as maps can reveal about a place or idea, maps also have the power to hide or distort truths.  This workshop will explore the utility and practice of mapping, and ways in which maps have been used to disempower people and communities, and how they can be used as a liberatory and revelatory tools. We will experiment with creating quantum maps, sound maps, housing journey maps, and memory maps.

Black Quantum Futurism Collectiv is a multidisciplinary collaboration between CLICK Festival current musician and author Camea Ayewa, also known as Moor Mother, and Rasheedah Phillips from the Philidelphia organization AfroFutirust Affair. Their vision and practice derive their facets, principles and qualities from quantum physics, futuristic and African cultural traditions of consciousness, time and space. In the crossing of these traditions is a creative plan that allows people with African descent to look forward, choose or create the imminent future.

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