Moor Mother

Low Poly: Be anything, make anywhere
- Underbroen & Catch

Ready to become one with ‘the other’? This year’s theme at CLICK Festival is XENO. XENO means guest or stranger.  Instead of you just watching, listening and thinking, this workshop offers an opportunity to play and make your own Low Poly mask.

The masks are originally designed by the British collective Wintercroft and have been used worldwide as an example of local-global production and distribution design. Have a break, come join the workshop and embrace otherness in order to speculate about new viewpoints and constructions of openness and sustainable cohabitation in a world that is not exclusively for us.

It will be possible to sign up for the workshop in the workshop area.


The workshop is arranged by Underbroen and Catch.

Underbroen is a workshop and fabrication facility in Copenhagen where traditional craftsmanship meets modern digital production technologies. It is a meeting place for creative minds with different professional backgrounds and interests, and a space where open source logic explores and pushes the boundaries of urban local production in a global world.

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